This healing will cleanse and heal your aura to strengthen your immune system and heighten your energy.

Your aura is the sum total of your physical, emotional and mental self. It shows up as color. Everything you feel, say, think, do, the way you act and walk results in a field of energy. All colors have a vibration which in turn has frequency. When the aura is balanced, colors shine, like a rainbow in the sky. When our minds are closed our hearts are too. When we are riled up and cave into our emotions we are unable to think clearly. When we are slaves to both emotions and thoughts our aura is clogged and it shows up as blemishes.

Aura Healing opens the chakras to use them at full capacity. It closes up any holes that result from imbalances. Conditions which may cause holes in the aura result from cigarettes, caffeine or drugs. This thirty minute session is relaxing as you sit comfortably with your eyes closed. The result is a feeling of harmony as the toxins in your body evaporate. As blemishes are removed and holes are closed you will experience a sense of inner joy.

Aura Healing